New Backgrounds don't work...

#\garrysmod\garrysmod\materials\console\background01.vtf Is the correct place to put in a replace background right?

Well even if I overwrite that with a new background when I load Garrysmod the Default one is still there, but if I go back and look at my folders with VTF Edit the one I replaced it with is there not the default.

Then I went and deleted all 3 files (background01.vtf, background01.vmt, background01_widescreen.vmt) that were in there to see what would happen and when I loaded Garrysmod again the Default background showed and if I looked back in the folders all 3 files are back, with the difference that the actual default one is there.

So my question is am I doing something wrong or is something screwy?

Help? @.@

I have this problem too, never used to be this way. For some reason the custom background only shows during the startup loading screen.

Doesn’t show at all for me.


new update killed it