New Bed

I know there is aredy a bed in and left 4 dead.but the one that is found on red colour and unrelistic.Left 4 dead has one nice bed.But that bed sucks.That bed is too high to pose ragdolls.When you put a ragdoll there.You can’t pose the head properly to look infront.No collide just dosen’t help.Too hard to pose i just give up on that posing looking for a better bed.



This is for Sexposes, isn’t it?

Pfffft, that’s what YOU would think, Ryu-Gi. Mr. I-draw-rape-but-it’s-okay-because-she-thinks-he’s-so-awesome-and-she-agreed.

Alright, here’s what you do…
Go to your browse section, find props_inferno (under All), and find the bed there.

Before you post anymore requests, make sure it already isn’t in the default props.

Unless of course, you don’t have CSS, in which case, use the ragdolled mattress from HL2 props, and the bedframe.

There’s also Gmod Tower, if you download that stuff it comes with a nice upper-class hotel-quality bed prop with pillows and blankets on it.

The easier solution to downloading Gmod Tower is this map. It’s just a small Sci-Fi hotel room with a nice large bed in it. It requires Episode 2 for the lights on the ceiling and some of the stuff outside the window, though, I think.

Not for sexpost !!!.I want to pose people siting on the bed.


Half-life 2 props is so dirty and urgly.That is why i don use those props much.

We need a mordern furniture pack for these stuff. I count modern as after 1990.

Yea i need alot of modern furniture.

Yeah, I checked “furniture” in g-mod downloads, there isn’t much there.

Never mind i already got a good nice bed.Thanks to the mass effect 2 models.That pack has a very nice bed.

Nice going, telling people that you don’t actually need a bed now… 7 months later.

Never mind.