New block request

Any possible way to get some half height triangle blocks?

and triangle ramp/stair block would be nice;)

Yeah would be nice. You can place a triangle floor at half height but it would be nice to have proper spiral staircases

Yeah that would be nice, you can build stairs on triangle floors and foundations but it does involve a glitch.

Somewhat related question, is there a reason you can’t place triangle floor pieces directly on to square foundations? For some reason I thought you used to be able to do that, but it hasn’t worked for several updates now.

Nah not that i know of but you can place square floors on triangle openings this then allows for blocks and stairs to be placed.

Spiral staircase would be cool, but limited to only one floor up.
would love to be able to do this on my creative pve server

I’d love this as well. I think of all the floor space that could be saved by having this instead of the current staircase. Hopefully they’d work better than the stairs on the light house and sphere though.

Half block stairs please as the current stairs are huge and take up way too much room. Great for your palace but they look rubbish in your hunting lodge!

Half height triangle blocks please!

Like this?