New Bounty!





Just phenomenal. The more you look the more you find, this picture is packed with detail.

Whats he wanted for?

Farting in public.
Mass genocide.
Taking the tag off his mattress.

So much going on, absolutely love it.

Especially farting. It’s the worst known crime in several systems, that guy deserves it completely.

nothing but solid quality from you once again

Great composition, awesome color palette and love all the deets.

Good stuff, my man.

Superb lighting, lots of detail. Amazing work!

The details on this one are astounding. Reminds me of the guardians of the galaxy movie. I’m also glad you cut out the lower floor, it does look low res in the original.

Thanks, it was the main reason to go for “cinematic” aspect ratio :v

May I inquire how you went about doing both the diffusion and the subsurface scattering-esque effect on the characters’ faces?

Pretty simple actually: use red paint on skin and then play with blend modes\fill\ocacity. After that use eraser to make it less reddish in places, depending on your lighting. A little bit of practice and you’ll figure it out.

Where are all the models from by the way? I can’t figure out what game they’re from.

A bit late, but I love how the neon lights illuminate the smokey air. Awesome job

Oh boy, here we go, from left to right:

  • Viper from Titanfall 2;
  • Ocelot from MGSV with eye implants from Joazz’s Spacemarine pack, Jacob from ME2 is behind him;
  • Deathstroke from Injustce 1 in Red Son outfit;
  • A mix of Caira from Evolve, torso from Elite UAC guys and limbs from COD IW’s C6;
  • Bartender Michael Rooker from TWD with same eye implants and body from Dead Space 3 Isaac;
  • The bounty’s body is Gray from Bulletstorm and Ray Liotta’s head from Black Ops 2 Zombies;
  • One of S.A.B.R.E. Enforcers from Remember Me;
  • Carver from Dead Space 3, Raynor from Starcraft 2 and i don’t remember the name of the model on the right, but it’s from BLR.

The bar props are mostly from E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy.

Love it so far. Thanks a lot.