New BP system?

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I heard of a new BP system. Is this true? And if it’s true, How does it work?

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Thank you!

I guess we’ll see how it actually works, hope it doesn’t just turn into lengthy grind

I’m excited for change in this part of gameplay, but I get the feeling the first few versions are gonna suck, and be riddled with bugs. I’m prepared for that as are most sensible people, but this will likely create a shitstorm of complainers, shit talkers, and exploit abusers. I guess nothing knew tho, right? Good luck with this one Facepunch, seriously.

So instead of making it easier to get bp now its going to take even longer to get the bp from that system. The server i play on do full wipes every thursday which end up being 3 days using what time i play around 2 hrs farming barrels then tuesday the server is dead. So with this so called new system ill be farming barrels till the wipe great.

Yeah, I’m not so sure about this. While I like slowing BP progression down a bit, it sounds like this is a bit too convoluted and complicated from the description. I’m not sure what I think about it.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

I really hope that after putting in the effort to get a bp book I won’t just get a bp I already know, that was the worst part of the RNG system.

On a side note it would be really cool to be able to craft bp’s themselves.

Will see how it goes, but I don’t see how this will solve the BP issue at all, it sounds like its just going to replace BPs from barrels with the fragments that basically do the exact same thing, only you have slightly more control over the rarity.

The boost to research chance with them sounds good though, I hope you can substantially boost it so that finding low % items in raids or whatever means you can actually get more than a <10% chance for insane amounts of resources. Also hope that the rarities are reflective of how they were as BPs, like I could imagine a C4 BP being classed as rare yet I find both them and explosives constantly no matter what server I’m on, but this is massively offset by how much they cost.

I was still hoping for a more research based system, I understand why people don’t want BP wipes because a lot of servers are weekly and it would be a massive pain having to spend a few days of that farming BPs you want, but it still seems nonsensical to have a system where after a wipe regular players on servers have a massive advantage over newer players, and I feel like it makes lesser weapons like shotguns/pistols redundant because hardly anyone bothers with them even early on.

i’m happy enough to see how it goes, but i think this would be much simpler to solve like this:

things like primitive tools, bow, sleeping bags, etc. should be possible to make from newspawn, not requiring any research.

salvaged weapons, primitive guns and maybe the primitive explosives require blueprints. they are not consumed, but need to be in your inventory while you are crafting to facilitate the more advanced items. this makes the blueprints a commodity, and it possible to steal them. they should not despawn unless there is a constant generation of blueprints such as the rad site loots spawns.

high tech gear such as ak’s and c4 should be found and not able to be crafted. again makes them a commodity, and increases the likelyhood of them being repaired rather than dumped when they break.

seems much simpler than a system intended to slow down blueprint farming. the previous system was already rng loot, now its just a “find 5 pieces of blueprint” instead of “find blueprint” system. but as said, happy to try it out and see how it works.

It eliminates beginner’s luck on finding rares, which helps gameplay if BPs are classified in the right tiers. Hurts immersion a bit though, since they’re really just tokens with no NPC turn-in (what are the odds that you just found all x pieces of the same blueprint right in a row before putting it together?).

I’d rather split the difference and have “pickaxe bp fragment”, etc., dropping at their respective rarities. Then beginner’s luck effectively goes away and more immersion is kept. Random drops would feel less in-your-face RNG than collecting frags and then rolling the dice. BP frags helping the research table could be tier based. Higher tier frag, higher % boost. I suppose it would require a new storage container (completion list suggests I memorized a few hundred pieces of BPs that I don’t understand yet) for all the mismatched fragments. I think a cheap shoebox with a large amount of frag-only slots would be a lot of fun but maybe I’m just weird. Lastly, an occasional low to medium tier completed BP still dropping wouldn’t hurt.

Will have to playtest to form opinion but probably fair to say anything other than the current system is welcomed.

One key difference is while you can currently find a high-tier BP on your first barrel, this change makes it impossible. Beginner’s luck after the change would mean farming up a stack of frags and hiding them in a bush because you felt lucky and didn’t want to take the more practical approach of aiming at low to mid tier and ramping up the rate you can get more frags. You could end up with 1 metal faceplate instead of an entire spread of rad gear, better tools, crossbow, etc.

I really like the beginner’s luck. i started over on countless server, and man that one time i found a C4 blueprint in the first hour, i spent the rest of the night trying to secure it ( i wanted to give it to a friend). it really felt like gold, and running with it in my inventory felt dangerous because of the risk of losing it.

Honestly i hope rust always keep that luck element. hitting radtown when you start always feels exciting if you have the chance of getting something rare.

I’d like to see how this affects gameplay first before I really come to any conclusions but for now I’m not sure if I like this system. Surely it’s another buff to large groups? They can literally pick what they want and farm at a safer and faster rate. Whilst solo players will be slower and robbed of the chance to learn bp’s early on. At least the old system allowed you to sneak in to a rad town and maybe nab a good bp before you was shot by the large group camping it all day long.

Hopefully it will lengthen the progression time so we have more time with early-mid game weaponry. I do think that high end weapons and blueprints are acquired too fast. And the old system needs major overhauls but I’m not sure this is the right way to go about it. Partial blueprints you could learn on the spot would of suited better in my mind. But we will have to see.

enable blueprint wipe - @garrynewman (/main)

My predictions were true! To all those who denied: :terrists:

This causes 2 things:

  • Rads will become battlezones, because to get some benefit from them your have to cash in the bp fragments in a research table, so no more naked people suiciding again and again on the rads, instead rads will be contested territories by gangs.

  • This will become the “currency” of the game, the more you save of this the more members in your gang that can make more items.

Instead of looting barrels will now loot nakeds looting barrels.

So no game play change then?