New BP system?

Well it’s going to change the dynamics, currently BP are still in the game, but the idea would be phase out blueprints and increase the level of ITEM drops, i.e. guns, jacks, quarries etc, so this will be a more research based system, you get the item collect the relevant fragments to create the appropriate tier of blueprint for that item then feed it more fragments to increase success rates.

BP fragments will become a currency and as they are generated on an inverse scale of barrel value, empty barrels or torch barrels will be a boon instead of frustration.

Well, a slight change, now you don’t have to be as quick to kill the naked as he can’t instantly learn the blueprint he just received from the barrel.

Overall this change is something what I’ve been thinking the blueprint system should be. I always hated how you can find blueprints for items you’ve never actually seen (Though getting an AK blueprint was a joy!), and I was kind of hoping for a system where you always have to research the item you just found. No ideas how this will work out though, but I’m really interested to see!

I dont see this anywhere man do you have a link?

@RustUpdates in Twitter

No but hes carrying blueprint fragments he jsut looted from that barrel that I need to feed my research table nom nom nom nom

I feel as though this is a cheap solution to a larger problem. At least blueprints made sense realistically. Rust to me has always been about realism, at least to an extent. Obviously, it isn’t realistic that a wall can simply be placed at the click of a button, but you get what I am saying.

Finding blueprints to a device made sense. You read blueprints and learn how to craft whatever the blueprint is for.

How on earth does it make sense that you get “blueprint shards” that can give you a random item, and that item’s blueprint shard could be used to make an entirely different blueprint.

I dunno. This is a step in the wrong direction in my opinion.

Would be interesting if the BP books (T3) had topic areas with multiple bp’s able to be researched from the book in the respective field as well as the books being persistent and not consumable, IE:

Oil Drilling

In this way they could also work in beginner tutorials.

Perhaps this would be too much like civilization style researching but they could also make it so things like Metalworking is required before you can learn Gunsmithing BP’s.

Helkus also posted on twitter:

So I guess this is to prevent gangs from walling and locking the rads for their own use only.

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QUoting Helk:

RNG stands for “Random Number Generation”, the whole point of this update on BPs is to remove the radom component, you collect and save BP fragments to get the item YOU WANT.

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Maybe it would be clearer with an example because I think some poeple may not understand yet the new system:

Yo want to learn to build pickaxes, those are common items:

you need 1 pickaxe and certain amount of BP fragments (Let’s call them BPFs )

so for Common items to research them you let’s say :

1 object + 50 BPFs

For a revolver
1 Revolver + 1 Page = 200BPFs

For a C4
1C4 + 1000 BPFs

(The BPFs value of BPPage or BPBook are totally guessings)

You can plan in advance to save your BPFs farming to get the C4…

So from using this logic whats the point of playing if servers wipe every 7 days large groups will just rule the servers. im tired of searching for blue prints ive yet to find a c4 bp and the server i play on wipes tomorrow a buddy and i have spent hours looting the airfield non stop for 3 days we basic just get nothing but clothing 24/7. Now we are going to have to hide our bpf and hope we dont get raided great.

servers wiping every week was allright with the old system, now they will have to rethink it.
And yes, to investigate something you will have to collect a stash of BPFs

Frequent server wipes were usually tied to server performance. As you get more entities and colliders on the map, it would gradually slow the server down to a crawl, and only a wipe would be able to fix it. This is not how Rust is intended to be played. It’s merely a workaround for performance issues

In the last couple of months, they’ve managed to increase the possible, collider count significantly, introduce decay to remove unused structures cluttering the map, and in last week’s update, have boosted server performance significantly. With these changes, hopefully busy servers will be able to operate for longer periods of time without requiring a wipe. Ultimately, that’s their desired end state for Rust - a living, ever evolving world where wipes aren’t necessary.

So perhaps with all these recent changes, the servers that wiped weekly will be able to extend their maps to at least the current forced monthly wipes.

It might make sense for people to actually try the new system before deciding it sucks and complaining about it. Like anything, it will probably need to be tweaked, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Agreed. As I wrote earlier in this thread, I’m waiting to try it first. It seems kind of convoluted and complicated from the Rustafied description, but I think once we’ve had some hands on time with it, it will clear up any questions and misconceptions we may currently have.

And I’m pretty sure it will take a significant amount of tweaking. This is a major overhaul turning what used to be a pretty static part of the game into a very dynamic one. It’s likely going to take some balancing before they get it just right.

I know I won’t be, but I’m modded so that’s an entirely different can of worms. Everything is sped up, including endgame, so people are usually ready for a wipe after ~7 days. So is the server with regard to performance.

I hope the grind doesn’t get even longer with the new system, rust has almost a f2p status.

I wouldn’t mind the grind if there was actually several ways to do it, right now it’s just painfully repetitive and boring (which from my understanding won’t change with the new system).

Really we need to wait and see how many fragments = page = book and how quick you get what etc.

But it sounds like you just get a random BP which seems doesn’t seem like much of an improvement from the current system. but now you have an idea of when you’ll receive a BP and have a choice of which tier to trade for.

Can you still research items at a research table to get the blueprint?

so its 5 fragments to construct a bp or 10 to create a page.

takes a book which is 10 pages to reveal an uncommon bp

takes 10 books to collect a rare blueprint.

This was taken from so in theory the bp farming will be longer and harder due large groups farming the farmers.

Tried it .

0 fragments from barrel rad/cest whit good loot

8-20 whit bad loot.

60 fragments needed too crafting 1 bp paper.