New BP system?

looks like 5 frags for common
50 for uncommon
500 for rare
5000 for very rare

Hopefully frags dont drop 1 or 2 at a time…

Another item that can be bought, sold, or traded.

People are already freaking out over a system they haven’t tried out yet.

EDITED: see my next post for the right pricelist

“…Note: This system will inevitably need some balance, however, the overall goal is to reduce the RNG nature of gathering BP’s…”

I played on dev branch for about 20 minutes. My first barrel gave me about 13 BPFs. After about 3 barrels I had enough to reveal a blueprint. Doing so gave me wooden floor spikes. Shortly after, the server crashed so I quit. Will test more later.

where are you getting that from? and there is only 3 tiers? the pics on rustafied make it look like there was 4.

10 librarys is 10,000 frags @ 12.5 frags a barrel thats 800 barrels


Rustafied just published the final pricelist

Used for
Upping research probability
Redeeming a common blueprint (20 frags required)

Examples of common blueprints
floor spikes, syringe, sandbag barricade, hv arrow, machete, lantern, large furnace
Blueprint Page

60 blueprint frags

Uncommon blueprint

Explosives, refinery, quarry, pistol bullet, 556 ammo, guitar, salvaged sword, salvaged hammer, leather gloves, roadsign armor, hatchet
Blueprint Book

5 pages (300 frags)

Rare blueprint

12 gauge slug, 12 gauge buckshot, huge wooden sign, bucket helmet, metal barricade, semi auto pistol, beartrap, longsword, snow jacket, hazmat gear, riot helmet, miner hat, mace, icepick, land mine, rocket
Blueprint Library

4 books (1200 frags)

Very rare blueprint

Thompson, SMG, special ammo types, C4, pump shotgun, metal armor, bolt, AK

The new system is very welcomed !!

This is an intelligent solution to put an end to the naked people respawning in beds near rad towns ( I hope the radiation returns and insta kill a naked man that try to enter a rad town)
The early tiers of weapons and stuff will be more used, this will be fun
The raids and the heavy gun fight will take time to begin to appear
The fragments now are turning into money like item for trading stuff
The fragments will be really really important

Apart from the pricelist on my previous post fragments can be used increase % on the Research table:

100 BPFs to increase investigation at 100% on Common objects
250 BPFs to increase investigation at 100% on Uncommon objects
500 BPFs to increase investigation at 100% on Rare objects
1000 BPFs to increase investigation at 100% on Very rare objects

wow … fantastic work … TY DEVS !!!

So what this will come down to is the large groups will just move to the rad towns. I dont know what fantasy server you guys play on but ive yet to see anyone friendly let alone want to trade. In my entire 2,367 hrs in Rust has taught me three Rules. 1. Kill everything! 2. Trust no one ever period! 3. Leg it!

I’ve traded with other clans, the ones I know from long time ago and we trust each other. I wouldn’t trade with some random guy that offers something on the chat.

I did some testing on the dev branch. I really like this, actually. I’m modded so I assume there will a very quick way to adjust fragment drop rates as well.

Rad towns now have an anti build radius.

Yea so did old rust but it did not stop big groups from controlling them.

If your first rule is to kill everything, you won’t meet anyone friendly. If you are friendly to new starts and help them get going its often quite beneficial for both parties I have found.

are you kidding me watch when the servers wipe today doesnt matter what server you hop on when you spawn your going to die by rocks bows and spears with in the first 30 mins of joining. shit this last wipe i joined rustopia and all it was for the first 2hrs was a rock bow and spear fest.

Which is (in my opinion) much better than being huddled in a base waiting for metal to finish smelting, or camping radtowns waiting for the next wave of barrel spawns.

This update makes getting blueprints a lengthier grind, but researching easier.
You don’t need the parts needed to research, or paper. (Only the parts needed to repair)
RNG is still RNG, and after grinding endlessly to make your second library, you get an already learned rare bp. Grind for a few more hours and hope for the best.

Expect farmers to be killed on sight because they will now be holding fragments instead of despawning duplicate found blueprints.

In essence, this update is just giving solo players a slow death while progressing groups to end game a lot quicker.

The first few days after a server wipe are always going to be the most violent with everyone jockeying for power, it does settle down though and the chance to form ad hoc communties comes about. I was just pointing out that whilst you criticise everyone being unfriendly, you yourself stated you attack everything on sight. So no, I’m not kidding you.