[New BR Server] #1 South America Official BR

Our new server is open! Come and play with us!!


Nosso servidor está aberto para todos! Venham jogar com nós!

Use our TS to play with your clan:

Any opinios, post Here! TY

(User was banned for this post ("missed the servers subforum" - postal))

better to keep them away early than too late

No Trolls! Plz!

why do you put official in your server name when you’re not an official server?

Official rule set. This thread belongs in the server section ET.

isn’t that called vanilla?

Yeah, now i see the forum section… Sorry for that!

Any mods can move my thread to correct section, Please?

Official = Official rule set[PlayRust Like]

You don’t need to say Official when it’s in the official category already. If you modified it, then it would be in the modded section. Simple. Official is just misleading.