New Breed

Wip models by Ninja Nub
placeholder spears originally by JaySuS for Skyrim

Nothing fancy but I’m a fairly big lotr buff so…

Originally planned to put some fires in the background but since I suck on that department with photoshop, and because the fire effect doesn’t look too shabby.
I didn’t include it.


I like the 2nd one.

WAAAAAGH oh wait

It looks really good!

Man, now i gotta rewatch LOTR…

After playing vanilla Skyrim for a while, I must say I like the second one better. I’m fed up with wannabe cinematic" gray (or brown), extremely desaturated colors (of course, your are million times better than Skyrim ones, but still - the bad feeling persists).

Really neat mate. I would say that if you do fire in the daylight, the smoke would be more gray than strong black.

I didn’t really give it any thought. I just like desatured more than saturated.

Thanks for the advice, but that was the ignite fire effect.