New Bug / Exploit - Jump as high as you want.

I know I will get bitched at because I didn’t FRAPS it but I am on a mac and didn’t have the alternative software.

US Server 2 around 5pm. Member with the name “QueCast” was able to jump from the ground to a large storage box that was somehow placed (not by me or any of my friends) in the side of my building on the 6th floor. Then proceed to jump onto the roof of our building where he built.

He showed off to myself and my friend bling.

I looked in the bug reports located on GitHub but there was nothing about this bug/exploit. Just another example of people not reporting issues and using it to get ruin gameplay.

inb4 all of the “Its an Alpha.” “You didn’t get it on video” “blah blah” responses.

Here is an image of user admitting to Abusing the Glitch

Video is going to be uploaded shortly.

This is not the first time QueCast has been reported as a glitcher/hacker and I am pretty that what you’re saying is true. With that said, this is not the right place to post hacking reports. We have a dedicated thread for that:

I understand there is a decided thread for hacking reports. As I cannot say for a fact that it is a 3rd party application or injection being used to achieve this or it is simply a bug in the game that has not been reported properly and is being abused. I also didn’t have any video of him doing it for proof. Every “report” of a “hacker” / “Glitcher” gets trolled due no proof. I know the devs look at the board so I was hoping they would see this thread and look into the possibility of it being a game glitch being abused or an external application/injection being used.

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Updated with image of user QueCast admitting to Abusing the glitch - Video will be uploaded shortly.

Yeah, I have seen him do it before onto my house when he only had a rock.

He used to speedhack all of the time, but the proof was inconclusive due to it possibly being “lag”, even though it was obvious what he was doing…

Confirmed speed hacker. Just saw him killing people on US2 and just flashed by running super fast, glitching across the map. Pretty sure he uses programs to cheat. In game glitches are not bannable but using external programs to cheat is. Mods please make note of this person. Name is “QueCast”

You should thank him. It’s not like anything you have or earn now will carry over to a final release. He’s helping the game develop.

But the majority of the OPs complaints say that he isn’t helping the game’s development because he’s not reporting the glitch but instead exploiting it.

This. He’s also using 3rd party programs to promote his cheating/hacking agenda. Guy has been reported multiple times but I guess admins don’t care right now. Oh well

Hello QueCast here. You saw me doing a Large Storage Box jump. I did report it on Github but the thread got locked and i never used a 3rd party hack “Insaneparrot” you always blamed me for that but no proof. You got proof of me glitching and glitching is allowed since we gotta test the game untill full release. And its not jumping as “High i want to” just saying.

You are such a hypocrite.

A kid you hacked earlier took a screenshot of you admitting you use cheat engine. Garry has been notified. You will be punished.

Okey ban me then. Unfair banning cool <3

Yes, that is exactly my complaint.

But i did report it.

Considering you openly abuse glitches for your own benefit makes you a menace and should probably be rightfully scorned by the community.
You may not need “3rd” party software because you may be manipulating the internal workings of the OS you use or possibly other native settings. It’s still cheating. Your semantics are childish.

When it comes to testing exploits, as always you should report them as soon as they are found. Do not keep them secret or hesitate to post a bug report about them if you have worries of others abusing the exploit. However if you have to use a external program, injector, utility or form of hardware manipulation to accomplish a exploit and are caught doing so; you will be banned [regardless if it was automated or manual].

unfortunately there is no way you can track who he is unless you get his IP

I never contested that. Are you that oblivious?
Obviously it’s encouraged to test these exploits for the benefit of development.
After submitting the exploit you continue to use to get an upper hand against fellow players.
You’re a weak player who relies on it to get an edge over others.
Such behavior is a clear indication of your lack of skill.

From this post, I don’t really think he’s the oblivious one.

Also lol, way to make yourself look like one of those uneducated dumb COD players who bitch about skill every two seconds.

It’s an alpha. Nothing you do in it will EVER carry over.