[NEW BUG] IN-GAME WALLHACK after todays patch!

After todays mini-patch I am able to see through foundations, floors, stairs by lowering shader <300!

My friend can see through walls also!


Please fix this before people will start to abuse it! ;(

I’m having the same issue, although your image isn’t appearing.


I was going to say the good news is that you cant see up but the ever so excelent addition of ladders kind of ruins that. Rocks also seem to now be invisible. Someone broke a shader, is my guess.

It was too hard for raiders to get in bases, with the cabinets and elevators and all, so they added this to help raiders. This is much better now!

Hello, i have that bug too, but for me, i can’t see some rocks or big stones… they are invisible for me… http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=447214567

This is the bug and the fix:

Set shaders to above 300 - you see floors and rocks. Set below 300, it’s all invisible. F2 - try it.

Completely breaks the game - since you can see through anyone’s base.

Paintings disappear below 200 I found after the ladder patch, they obviously forgot to include the low end shaders for certain things.

It’s alreadly being abused by dirts clay on rustopia us.

Garry fixed the biggest problem and patched it, BUT

if I keep my shaders set low, there is a bug that lets me look through walls of bases. It is not that they are invisible, but the walls flash on and off and I can see inside for moments. Not as game-breaking, but not good.

I posted a thread about this three weeks ago here.
I thought it only affected Linux, obviously I was wrong.