New Bugs Introduced with Latest Patch

Garry, First, thank you for your hard work and the amazing game. I haven’t been able to play any other game since I’ve been introduced to this masterpiece, it’s that fun.
Secondly, and I hope this doesn’t come across in a rude or bad way, but please, please I beg you build a small test team. I have been a software test engineer for 15 years and I honestly have not seen more bugs that get introduced with each release than in Rust. You drop a patch with 5 new things and break 10. This is not a bash, but a hope that you will listen to this and really work hard on getting more testing done before releasing to the live branch. I would rather wait longer for a patch than have more new bugs.

New bugs introduced with latest patch.

  1. When upgrading a Wood Door the only option is to upgrade to Wood, but it actually upgrades to Metal.
  2. Furnaces do not (or very very little) produce sulfur or charcoal. Not sure everyone is seeing this. But have confirmed it with at least 5 players.
  3. Code lock ghost is gigantic when placing. Obvious issue.
  4. Meat cooks with 4 wood.
  5. AK and Thompson rapid fire.
  6. Can’t downgrade parts (walls, doors, etc) anymore?
  7. Black water is not fixed, it is broken…again.
  8. Can’t destroy a sleeping bag

Anyone else see anything weird with this patch?

Are there plans to get a bullet count so we know when we are getting close to needing a reload?

It’s alpha - they’re still figuring out gameplay mechanics and whatnot. If they spent time polishing it with test teams before each release it would slow down the development a shittonne. Alpha isn’t the time for thorough bug checking

CONFIRMED. Furnaces do not produce any metal as of the Devblog 48 patch five minutes ago.

Yes they do, you just have to split ore into two stacks. Doing so will have the create metal…silly but it works for now.