New Building Changes Broken

This should work, yet it doesn’t.

It obviously has to do with the whole “no floating foundations” but obviously it’s rather bugged.

You were never allowed to build in roads?

This happened to me earlier, one side you weren’t able to place a foundation.

There are other things you can’t do, though. I’ll get some screenshots of that in a moment.

For instance, I have a foundation nearby that’s built on the edge of the road, and is currently 2x3. However, I can not extend it away from the road to make it 3x3, only down the road, making it 2x4.

Report these issues here if you have the time

This didn’t just happen with foundations for me. Pillars, walls, windows basically everything. It would be in spots where it should be able to be placed but it just showed as red for me. Then when i passed the pillar or whatever to a friend they were able to place it fine. Really weird, no idea what causes this.