New Building Parts 2 : Project Arid

Project Arid is a community project. We create models for rust based on suggestions or our own ideas.
We are currently 3 people: *Eric_Jedi, Xoia, Stym
Anyone can join as long as you want to contribute to the game and have a basic knowledge of creating assets.
This project was also created to support each other and give feedback and helpful tips on how to create game assets for unity.
We work with a lot of different tools (Blender,Max,Ps,Gimp etc.).

There is no reward other than the satisfaction of supporting the development of this game, and the experience that comes with the project itself.

Please take requests to the “new building parts” thread, we will consider the suggestions made there!

**Clicking the thumbnail opens up a large version of the assets.
Clicking the link underneath will open up the game administrator to vote on the items and read about the functionalities.

Last Update: 28.03.2014

Edit:\ Since the game admin page is being reworked I will wait with updating the models etc in the editor until its at a stable state so I don’t have to redo it over and over! =)

Dynamite Weapon/Explosive
A replacement to the current c4 in a more rusty style. Would require leather (waterproof binding) duct tape(also added to the item list) and gunpowder.
As a unique feature this might be highly instable - making it a risk to use (e.g. different times until explosion from 5-15s)

Camping stove Portable Campfire
The camping stove can be seen as an advanced campfire for lategame travels. It is non craftable (only lootdrop) and might be refillable if gas is introduced.
Due to the efficiency food is cooked faster and the small flames dont light the area as much as a campfire at night.

**Flashlight ** Tool
The flashlight lasts longer than the torch and does not make sounds. Furthermore the light dispersion is directed to a spot,
so that you wont have a glowing light around you and thus you are harder to spot.

Can Opener Tool
A can opener that can also be used as a basic melee weapon. It is used to open cans, which is a food resource that doesn’t spoil as fast.

Can Consumeable
Cans don’t spoil but they are rather heavy to carry. They should not be eaten without being cooked first. If they are opened with something that is not sharp
(e.g. a stone) they will lose durability and also might harm you as metal shards might have been splintered.

All of these models are low poly and ready to use ingame. Texture size is high so it can be scaled down still.

Current WIP’s : by Eric_Jedi and Xoia

Welcome back Stym! You give me hope for the future <3

awesome work, good luck.

Hunting Spear looks amazing! I would love to throw a giant sharp stick into my enemy’s heart! :rock:

Hahaha <3 Nice to be back. I just waited for this editor - its not much I’ve done yet but when Eric gets started and I get a good workflow we might contribute a lot to the game. At least thats what I hope!

Thank you sir! :slight_smile:

Hahhaha thanks! For now I thought about it as a melee thing - but you could add a “right-click” throw of some sorts or similar! =) We also planned other levels of spears - like a wooden / stone one etc.


btw I know its not much for now - but I wanted to get the project public as fast as possible so people can join early. :slight_smile: If you want to join but your knowledge about 3D stuff isn’t that great just contact me - we can work on it. I’m not really experienced at this either.

Why has no1 set up a paypal page for you yet? Love your work!

When I put the workbench and repair bench side by side, sharing the same end legs, it looks just like the level 2. Either way, the items look amazing. I just went over the other thread, awesome stuff.

Very good work, man. Keep it going! I’m pretty sure the devs will take a look on your work very soon.

yes, yes and yes again

Pay me with love <3 :smiley:

Thanks ! =) Yeah I believe the current repair-bench model is just a placeholder - a copy of the workbench a little bit modified for testing purpose.

Yes I hope so too =) I don’t know if the quality is high enough for the game but if not I will try to improve wherever I can. I tried to keep the polycount very low - which leads to less quality of course.

;D <3


You do it for free,and devs dont do anything even if they got milions from the game
nuff said
gold user rageflame fire outta backhole coming in 3…2…

Vote seems not working :confused:

  • added simple Ladder

Ty ! =)

Nah don’t flame them. Tom and Dan are doing an amazing job - they just have so much stuff to do. They need to replace all the placeholders etc. before they can even start doing new assets.
They do hire as well - it just seems as if noone met the standards yet. I expect a newspost pretty soon again. I believe they just didn’t want another post with the title “updateless week” probably. :slight_smile:

Oh well, we can’t change that now I guess - but since the editor isn’t final yet anyway I guess votes might be resetted even. The models are done and can be reuploaded anytime if something changes.

As usual nice work stym.

A little critic on the palisade, it should be 2 floors high. 1 floor is to easy to get over.

hey Stym

glad to read you again :slight_smile:
I will post my request in the other thread!

keep working!

so so nice work but ill be rude a bit …
Zombie cookie, funnny i must agree … but Where is the zombies now O.O ? 4/20
The spear … that look like a FAT magix stick
OR you make me think about this :

11/20 because i like the spear anyway.
the workbench LVL2 need tools inside :wink: 13/20
Wooden Ladder … you texture look like metal … but it s ok 14/20
Furnace Lvl 2 … nice work 16/20

Okay Eric started working as well- We will revisit all these models here - they were just first ideas on things we could add. They will certainly change.

Thanks ! =) Thats why its called small Palisade.

Sure go ahead! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comment! As I wrote above please take critizism to PM, don’t wannt to bump this thread with posts about what could be changed. You should also read the comments I added to the descriptions in the gameadministrator. Thanks for your feedback.

para comprar ou vender as coisas, mas tinha de ser com uma pessoa de confiança porque se nao podia nao dar o prometido e ficar com o dinheiro

zombie cookies? u made my day :smiley: