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If you’ve had your doubts on whether building a safehouse for your loot is even worth the time and material, it should be pretty clear now that it isn’t…

Wow i can upgrade to lvl six faster than that

13 minutes to get to lvl 2 :o so lvl 6 using that as a base is what…a few hours. thats not actually too bad. As your not spending time upgrading you using the time to actually build so all you have to do is defend it for a few hours till its lvl6

Not that that matters with the hacks and glitching going on right now, but yes, the game balance is tipped heavily in favour of raiding if this build system/rates/hit points remains persistent in future updates.

However if fewer people are building safe houses full of loot, then raiding becomes less appealing I would think (I haven’t really raided yet, but I would think loot is the big draw here).

At this point, I’m not really sure what the point of the game is to be honest; seems even less clearer now.

They have the basic framework of this functionality, along with some settings… the code has not been finished or even put out for general public consumption… to suggest that the configured settings are going to even remain like that is speculation.

Right, but then what? If it takes 1 minute to destroy level 2, how many will it take to destroy level 6? 12-13? That’s crazy. Let’s hope levels 3 through 6 are not that trivial, hit-point wise, or there’s really no point in building a “safehouse” that can be torn down in a matter of minutes by one guy with a cheap hatchet.

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So is the speculation that they will change the build/break values in the framework. Goes both ways.

I suggest not jumping to conclusions and assuming that a first implementation of something new is the intended final design. Seriously, stop being so anxious about a game that’s in active development.

Don’t take Rust too seriously right now, it’s not actually a game yet, it’s still too unfinished.

When something’s released, people are going to play test it and comment on it. I thought that was the whole point of an early release?

its not released…you are playing around in the development region, which is updated sometimes 5 times within an hour…

Good to know, wasn’t sure how quickly they committed, but my bets that these build/hitpoint values stick for a while.

Watch @RustUpdates on Twitter. If Steam doesn’t go down and their build process doesn’t have problems, development branch updates to Steam should happen pretty much as often as that account tweets the changelog.

I think the idea is, we get to play the “game” now and watch the development process in action. we then comment on this forum what we like and dont like, the devs read it, make a decision if to they can/should/want to implement it. then you see the outcome in the next update. or the next one. or the next one.

The main word here is :patience:. Just talk without trolling. Have a legitimate discussion and we will get what we want. They dont want to make a game we dont like…right!



There is a difference between commenting on it and assuming this is the devs’ intended balance and worrying about the future of Rust as if it is the intended final balance when balance, as a concept, doesn’t even exist in Rust yet. Rust is unbalanced and not really a game yet. The devs are still building the fundamental systems, don’t expect them to be representative of the final presentation.

Wow, imagine a group of 3 or 4 guys pounding away at once on a wall.

And I completely understand that (and am not brash enough to think that my opinion/ideas are even going to be considered… what do I know?), but to me, first impressions since playing this game for the last month is that the raiding vs. building balance favors the raiders; I don’t think I’m alone in that sentiment either.

So when I see the scales tipping even farther towards raiding with these new hit point/build values, I’m kind of at a loss as to why. Who knows, maybe I’m reading too much into these build/break values and they are merely numerical placeholders for more sensible, balanced values, but my gut reaction was why I brought this up for discussion.

I do see a lot of Late tags and just realized there’s a thread already talking about the new build system in general, so might make sense to nuke this thread and we can all jump in there to comment.

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Yes, you’re right (see above).

The good news is that people like me who just love building will save LOADS of time. Now I can spend that extra time hitting trees over and over instead of walls :smiley:

Hopefully we’ll see some of these rates turned into convars so that server owners can tweak to find the right balance like they did with decay et al in legacy.

With the new building and upgrade cost… expect to be hitting ALLOT Of trees!

In my humble opinion, this is ok though… because it means i’m spending more time out in the world, instead of the majority of time in my house pounding away. It puts the focus back more toward surviving than building.

not only that, but at night when its dark and you are trying to harvest… expect to be eaten by bears and wolves… its allot more “FUN” now.