New Building System

Base don this :

and some other things I’ve read, it looks like soon (or later) you won’t be able to just place structural components, but actually have to build them over time. Anyone have any info / confirmations on this? I think it would be great, and make it harder to grief / box-in other peoples bases, or trap people.

I don’t think anyone has any more information than you, the Trello is pretty much all we get.

This is, of course, pure supposition but it would make sense if they were to set building up in such a way that you could dismantle the starting framework of any structure so misplaced bits could be cleared away. They could have you set up a cheaper frame, rather than the full priced item, that might cost 1 plank. Afterward you would utilize wooden planks in a way similar to using wood to repair a wooden structure, and they might have it set up so that one person could add one wood plank every so often making larger groups able to build faster than a single person.

It remains to be seen what, exactly, the plans are of course. Still, I’d say my guess has the merit of solving something that is in need of a solution (dismantling accidental placement of items) as well as preventing easy griefing by players. Of course, a concerted effort to grief other people would still be viable, as well as building structures for the specific purpose of griefing when the owners of a base weren’t online. Still, it would require additional time and trouble, and could potential be a noisy prospect where current building is completely silent and instantaneous. This way if you were in your base and someone started to build a staircase to your roof, it would give you time to prepare a proper welcoming party for your uninvited guests.