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Hello, all great server just Wiped today March 1st 20 mins ago come join us, fair owner and admins,

Server Mods: Instant Craft,No Craft C4 (Airdrop Only),2 Starter Kits (Starter Bow,Arrows,Stone Hatchet,Sleeping Bag), (Building 1x1 House Wood Door), (Item Durability Set to .25 equipment last longer), Group Mod, Location Mod, Fps Mod, Sleepers on, Airdrops@15.

Server Info: net.connect

Server Slots: 150

Hope to see you all in game, Happy Fragging!..


Great admin and awesome server! Just needs more people to help get the ball rolling. 15 so far have joined. Hope to see you all there!

Thanks Tasty!

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All Mods Are 100% working!

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15 regulars waiting on more players!