New Chest Idea: Drop Box.

Basicly its going to be a Chest which will pick up dropped out Items. Imagine youre coal dropping into a chest getting stored or Items which will drop out while crafting.

Visually Open that stuff could fell right in.

Or add a hopper. MINECRAFT! XD

This sounds like a good idea. I would love some sort of locked collection box. This would be a great way to collect rent from non-clan players living in a clan village paying protection with daily resource fee.

Or a strongbox that a guest can put stuff in, but only authorized owners can take stuff out.

thats box with a codelock :stuck_out_tongue:

But you cant put things in without the code

I thought by the title you were suggesting a slot in an exterior wall that allows to store items quickly inside your base through the slot; a bit like video rental stores’ late night return drop slots.