New Chun Li ragdoll!

I was digging through the forum and found this new Chun Li ragdoll link that I haven’t seen before. It got me quite excited because this is NOT either of these models:

and though it is still buggy, I think it’s the best I’ve seen so far (really close to the SFIV model!)

Here’s the link:

So I’m asking: Can someone please work with this? It needs face posing and maybe finger posing (don’t remember). Also it has the other arm stuck horizontally from elbow down and the middle torso needs little more rigging. I also noticed that the model seems oddly “heavy”.

Regardless the flaws, the model looks beautiful and I seriously hope that someone can help with this.

why post this in 2 sections?

Her legs looks like horse legs

There’s a reason why one of her nicknames is
[h2]Thunder Thighs[/h2]

Yes, those kicking cannons may look ridiculous but that is the game’s style and I’m used to it. And I think they are hawt. :stuck_out_tongue:

God, I wish someone can take this on the workbench and finish the model.

So it’s not really new then?

Well, at least I haven’t seen this model before. Only the weird one in the first two links…
This is the first one that really seems to be close enough to the Chun Li in Street Fighter IV.
Unfinished/buggy or not, this is new to me at least.

this chunli has been out for since last year, its actually in beta state. the person working on it stopped for unknown reasons. I saw it in the request months ago. I hope someone finishes her with all her outfits as well, it would be so sweet.

Yes, thank you! No good reason for putting this project behind at this point.

body lov poly - head good

With right rigging this one could be really sweet, I think.