New Clan: [-G-] Guerillas!

We want you!

Guerillas is a clan branch of our gaming community we play alot of other games besides rust. As of right now we play on McM US 1 server.
We are primarily friendly and will not shoot unless provoked, but we do go raiding! Our guys play all through out the day and night.
We play as one group so when we do stuff we are all crafting or gathering, or raiding so no one is left out. All of us are older and have FPS experience.
Teamspeak is our communication software, we have a server set up and can be found there in the RUST channels at the bottom.
If you would like to play with us post in this thread and I will get back to you.

Happy hunting!

And once again, there is already a thread for recruiting / meeting players. Maybe you should use that? Try using the search function.

And once again Zippo you have posted that same message 15 times. That post is buried and no one checks it out really and this isn’t so much of a recruiting post but really just letting people know who we are in game.

o/ from World of Tanks


World of Tanks?

If you aren’t from WoT then never mind, but your gaming community is involved in WoT.

EDIT: Or used to be, hmm…

…Maybe I should have googled this name before I made it :suicide: