NEW ClanWars [PVP/Sleepers]

Hello, Rust. community!

I would like to take a moment to share my server that will be released when the steam version of the game goes live. What you will need to look for is “NEW ClanWars [PVP/Sleepers]”.

Within this server, you will find a pure vanilla experience of Rust. Crafting times will be regular, of course there is PvP, Sleepers will be left on so that raids are worthwhile, and lastly there will be no admin abuse. PERIOD.

The main focus on this server will be to team up with others to become the most powerful and feared “clan” on the server. You will obviously be able to try and go at it solo, but the game seems to be much more fun and you can be much more efficient in a group. You will never see any one getting banned for raiding or PvP-ing anyone as it is highly encouraged. The server will have an “anything goes” feeling to it (aside from the obvious, ie. exploiting bugs/hacking) so you can do whatever it takes to make your way to the top!

As stated above, this server will not be open until I see Rust. go live in steam so that all newcomers will be on a level playing field.

If you have any questions regarding this server, please post here, or feel free to shoot me a PM about it. Any requests for special permissions will be ignored. If you have a genuine interest in this server and want to be there from the start, let me know and I will PM you the moment this server goes live, so that you can get going as soon as possible. Or, if you prefer, you can add me on Steam and request that I let you know when I launch the server.

I appreciate your time reading this and hope to see some of you in game (hopefully later today)!

After a few technical difficulties, the server is up! A little bit behind schedule, sadly, but nonetheless!