New Client Side Hack?

I’m sorry if this is the wrong section, I cannot find the server where you report hacks.

I think there’s a client side hack that creates a very blurry and laggy effect in front of you. The only way to doge it is to either look up or down. But you still can’t do much. Kicking everyone or cleaning everything up doesn’t help. We have to restart the server, but that doesn’t stop the hacker (unless we ban them and restart, just though about that). I’d post pictures if the hack wasn’t so hard on my CPU. It’s pretty bad, considering looking at it makes my tower emit an odd sound.

Your descriptions are not very helpful, and i am sure that this is not a “hack”, but a simple contraption done with sv_cheat scripts, and/or wire

Apparently you didn’t read my whole post. We tried cleaning up everyone’s props and sv_cheats is not on. And how is my description not helpful? It’d be nice to know what other info you need.

It’s an effect that your shitty PC cannot handle without having half a heart attack and slowing down. So it’s a STool that you have on your server. Effects are not affected by clean up.


If you tried cleaning the props up…Then it’s the PC…

Go to Post processing -> Motion blur.

Tick it off.

It happens to everyone, so I don’t expect everyone has a shitty PC.

Are you sure it’s not some penis sticking a RT cam underwater? If not, then something is up with your server, a client cannot easily manipulate the other clients connected.

I made a wired bottle of acid that gives you a cool, but un-removable effect :laugh: