New command for evolve wont work, |Pointmod| |Evolve|

im trying to make new command for point mod,
in evolve admin mod

this is the lua code im trying

local PLUGIN = {}
PLUGIN.Title = "Set points of players"
PLUGIN.Description = "Set the points of players!."
PLUGIN.Author = "Siem"
PLUGIN.ChatCommand = "points"
PLUGIN.Usage = "[name] [points]"
PLUGIN.Privileges = { "Admin" }

function PLUGIN:Call( ply, args )
	if ( ply:EV_HasPrivilege( "points" ) ) then		
		if ( #args > 0 ) then
			RunConsoleCommand( ps_setpoints )
			evolve:Notify( ply,, "ps_setpoints" )
		evolve:Notify( ply,, evolve.constants.notallowed )

evolve:RegisterPlugin( PLUGIN )

the normal command for giving points to people with console ( ~ ) is
ps_setpoints -name- -points-

But idk what happend to this it worked first but now not anymore , Please help. Thanks!

-Help please
-srry for bump

does it give you any errors in console at all?


Plugin ‘Set points of players’ failed with error:
[@garrysmod\addons\evolve\lua\ev_plugins\sh_points.lua:12] bad argument #1 to ‘RunConsoleCommand’ (string expected, got nil)