New commands and abilities for admins?

Where is the new commands and abilities for admins?

How activate third person for admins?

Fly mode for admins?

Yea, I want to know how to get 3rd person for admin/owners.

Read the Patch Notes…there are the answers for your questions. 3rd person is disabled for ALL. For Players and for Admins.

It says… Removed 3rd person (except for server admins)

afaik the bulk of the new admin abilities are not yet working yet in the update that got released last night. Confirming what reneb said, its removed for general players but will still work for admins when they actually end up getting the new admin powers in.

Yes…i read days ago the third person works only for admins/devs.

You can change the time of day now. Tested and verified.

Hello , as you do, my env.time commands do not work.

I have admin and can’t seem to use 3rd person, anyone know a way to fix this?

I type “env.time #”

is 1-24 corresponding to the hour of the day.