New Community Based Sever. Your server, your rules.

Hey Gmod players, ive been wanting to create a Gmod server for some time now but i want the server to be based on the gmod community ideas so its perfect for everyone to play. If i get enough ideas about how to make this new server, i will make it and make selected players admin! This server is totally community based so your ideas shape the gameplay.

First off if anyone is actually interested in this idea then please post on this thread.

Many thanks


Have you got a gamemode in mind?


Any. If you guys want 1 24/7 or all gamemodes on gmod on a cycle then it will be done.

To be honest, the only thing that’d make me play would be if you were able to get ReDead working or something, otherwise there are 100 or so other servers running all of the popular gamemodes out there and it can be hard to compete with that.

i suppose your right but ill still make one anyway if i get enough replys. Cant be bothered to make one if no one will play on it.

ReDead would be awesome.