New Community Need Assistance.

Hello All!

In the near future my company plan on releasing a new gaming community and release a ton of new servers. but there is one thing… I need help. I have to manage a medium size Hosting company to myself and it gets pretty time consuming so I am only able to work on it a little at a time.
Now here is a list if you want to view what I plan on releasing
Click me for list

Now There are some things you may need to know. (Requirements)

  1. This is an Australian Based Gaming Community (I don’t mind other English speaking countries helping out)
  2. You will need to report what you have done/edited to the development team
  3. Advanced Knowledge of at least 1-2 Games (Lua Coders are great, along with SourcePawn Coders)
  4. A Dedicated Person (Don’t just help and want the outcomes of this project)
  5. Be able to work with a dedicated team (though you will have 1-2 Server to create yourself
    (Personal Requirements)
  6. Age: 15+
  7. Must Have a Microphone (We Will be Chatting a lot)

Outcomes (What you will get for helping)

  1. You will receive 25% of your server donations (50% to the company to cover hosting costs) (25% Bandwidth payment) (NOTE THESE RATIOS CAN CHANGE DEPENDANT ON INCOME)
  2. Administrate selected servers of the project
  3. Have your own development server or a Game server of any kind or a Virtual Private server based in any location! <$15AUD A Month (or choose one on our network)

If you want to know our Network Specifications here they are:
Network Locations: AUS-EQX-SYD1(TUG)

DDoS Mitigation: Arbor+NSFocus Devices (50+ Gigabit Tested) (Inc’s Layer 7 Attacks)

Hardware: Intel Xeon 1245v2.

Thank you all for reading this post and hope to see you on a future server!
Contact me here or on steam

You made your point.

Review my web blog; 21 day fix

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Do you want a HL2RP community aswell?

We are mainly looking for servers that will bring large amounts of players to the server. if you know you will be able to get a player base well then yes 100%

I wouldn’t mind joining this, I would like to help out the TTT server, I know Lua.

Vouched for. one of the few actually genuinely nice people in this community.

Looks surprisingly well designed and organized compared to the usual posts about this kind of stuff here.

Yes for sure! I plan on releasing a full professional community and get tons of player traffic.

Will, i HL2RP does brings alot of players.
Do you have somehow to contact me?

Bandwidth/Hosting are the same thing imo, and I’m not sure about in AUS but US/EU the bandwidth costs of a garrysmod server is extremely negligible.

Regarding your question Pantho.

I am Co-Locating server so I have to pay the rack space (around $300 for a 2u slot) then bandwidth ranges from $80-$100 A TB Now Running a Community uses a TB a month easily if you have over 80+ people on it just about all day it uses heaps of bandwidth.

So you’re starting your own hosting? or starting your own community? Either way, it looks pretty well thought out

Not sure I buy 80 folk using a TB though, and colocating normally comes with some prorate bandwidth. Can’t say as I’ve ever used one that doesn’t.

Still $100 a TB, pricey.