New community (no darkrp) :D

Hello their facepuch. what another shity cold day it is but fear not i bring good news lol jk its another new community

I figured where are all the small and fun game modes to play so i decided to host several servers some are

pirateship wars
Awesome Strike: Source
possible Pistachio Roleplay

Im trying to really be open to new things and I’m open to take new suggestions

You’re hosting several servers from your house?

I doubt that your internet speed is enough for just one, mind posting a result?

I’m using Nfoservers

The THEIF i knew was a DDoSer and Scammer :v:

I sincerely hope that isn’t you.

No I’m the same one. And how the hell did I scam? You perma banned me for aimbotting which I never did. And I showed you proof

Regardless of your petty squabbles and servers that probably won’t get many players, it’s against the rules to advertise a server outside of “Games in Progress.” Make a thread there.

yeah pretty sure he threatened to take my server offline when I refused to unban him or something

Sometimes things just come back to bite you in the ass.

I’m pretty the reason I was so mad was because I donated $600 to your server and then you banned me perma

lol wut someone donated $600 to a server

I’ve donated $1,600 to fearlessrp

$2k to urban gamers
$600 to 1944rpg

that’s just fucking stupid. The words in everyone’s mind has been spoken.

OMG! You stole your mom’s credit card! No wonder you got banned permanently, and by the way. You spell like a 12 year old. You use grammar like a six year old and to be honest… Donating $600 either means you really want admin and you have that little a life you resort to stealing your mother’s or father’s credit card OR you have no life.

Note to Banana Lord & phoenixf : Thank you for proving that money shouldn’t matter when it comes to aimbotting/hacking/ban times.

theif: Please get lost. If anybody is stupid enough to join any of your servers then they are probably your identical twin. Who would instantly admit to being someone who the Facepunch community would instantly hate? Are you that socially deprived that you can no longer hide who you are because you crave the attention of other people? That again moves back to my earlier point about having no life and donating $600 to a server to get admin so people would look up to you and you’d think they liked you. Well I have news for you. Nobody here likes you. No offence but you practically signed up to advertise a deadbeat community with a shitty owner. So ladies and gentlemen I present to you the worst owner ever! Here’s a medal now get the fuck out of my sight you lonely sad, waste of Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide and Hydrogen. Oh and Electrons cannot forget that you’re wasting them too!

(User was banned for this post ("Report, don't reply" - verynicelady))

Lol I don’t give a fuck

(User was banned for this post ("Trolling or dumb" - verynicelady))

If you’re not lying, you’re all kinds of fucking stupid.

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report and move on guys

Don’t feed the kid.

The attitude of a potential Community Owner.
Buddy, that won’t work. :slight_smile:

not to go further off-topic but…

it’s not my fault you broke the rules…? and as per the donation page,

And yeah, just so everyone is clear (and aware), he is banned for DDoS threats. I don’t specifically recall if he went through with it (the ban reason sounds like he actually did), but even such threats should testify to his character.

wow just… wow…
thread reported