New Community release

Hello I’m Aristocat, I’m one of the two owners of a fast growing community named Exclusive gaming. The deathrun server is pretty popular and we have been in open beta for about 3 weeks. Now today I’m releasing the community. The death run is up at this IP address: The deathrun will be custom coded soon. We have jailbreak ad DarkRP being coded, and will soon have a admin mod coded for us. Please be patient thank you.

(User was banned for this post ("Server advertising" - Gran PC))


Do I smell… potential advertisement?

They released a community. Where can I download this community from?

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Well it’s also a server release too, I should’ve been more clear
You can go to the forums here,

if it isn’t a gamemode release/wip thread then you shouldn’t post

You’re uh, not allowed to advertise your server here.

I posted it because it’s all going to be custom coded, and I wanted people to get in to the Death Run

That’s fine and all but this section isn’t intended for that.

Im sorry I’m still new to Facepunch, can someone move this.