New Community Server

IP: (Open up the console and then type in: net.connect

Just thought I would open up a bit of an advertisement to try and start a community within this server. There are three active admins on it which are currently seeking to maintain a friendly and fun Rust environment. This server is brand new and a handful of people have already made it their home server. The server is currently bandit free and lots of players trade and communicate with each other. No doubt there will be bandits who pop up but hopefully the community can fend them off and create a bit of fun by doing that.

Sleepers are always on as well as PvP and the Air Supply Drops are set at ten players (we will set it to a higher amount once players frequent the server more often).

Feel free to connect to The Lost Boys server and come check it out. The server is currently based in Texas and the current playerbase is largely from the United States.

EDIT: Thanks for everyone that has been joining our server! We’ve almost doubled our population and now have a trade network between two villages within the map. Really unique gameplay is going down in here! Hope to see all of you in-game at some point.

(User was banned for this post ("didn't read the sticky, missed the servers subforum" - postal))