New Convenient Building Item/Block

How about an item or block you can place down and hold the use key on, and it will bring up a menu saying something like “Upgrade all pillars to (wood)(stone)(scrap metal)(armored)” and “Upgrade all foundations and floors to (wood)(stone)(scrap metal)(armored)”? It can have a display on how much wood, stone, scrap metal, or high quality metal required to use.

It would be very useful for building larger bases. Upgrading a billion pillars can get super tedious and quite annoying. same with really any other item.

edit: Only exploit I saw so far was having a raider upgrade from stone to scrap metal, so they can blast in easier. Maybe the item could have low hp, or can only be used when you have access to all tool cupboards. Reddit thread discussing same topic.

There are too many issues with this idea. However, having the ability to choose the material of the item you are about to place, instead of having to upgrade everything from twig, would be a very good addition imo, and would serve the same purpose.

First thing I can think of, is if someone is able to access this “block”, in a stone building, with shitload of metal fragments, the base is going to go down after upgrading everything to sheet metal and just blasting away with C4 and Rockets.

Raiders will exploit the stone -> sheet upgrade, especially since the latest patch will let players rotate blocks 10 minutes after you upgrade the block.

Not that they can’t already exploit it by getting to your cupboards.

U cant upgrade from stone to sheet metal that would be going backwards not upgrading. And its not possible

Nope. It’s considered an “upgrade”. Unless they’ve literally just changed it, since I haven’t gotten on in a while.

Still can “Upgrade” it to sheet, just tested lol.

This exist as a plugin already :wink: