New Crash Script?

Hello Guys,

Is there an new Crash script?

[23:53:16]Client “Falon” connected (
[23:53:42]New map: rp_downtown_v2
-> Reported to ATT and IP-Banned (If that helps.)

[20:59:13]Client “Mincent” connected (
[20:59:33]New map: gms_desertedvalley
-> Reported to ATT and IP-Banned (If that helps.)

They keep doing that.
I tought all crash scripts got fixed? Anyone else with this problem?

I know one that’s not patched. This however, is different.

Old Crash Script Being Abused?*

Wait, why old?
Edit: You don’t want to tell me its still not fixed?

Rofl, you srsly dont know this exploit?

I do but i don’t know if its fixed or not.

It isnt, apparently, due to me being able to crash all your servers at once

So it’s you I reported to ATT?

Yep, but that isnt even my ip or my isp so GG :smiley:

Actually it is, otherwise your IP would not point to ATT.

lol ever heard of a proxy? :]

Why would a normal ISP be a proxy and if its a VIC sock you are an asshole.

internet tuff guy

lol my friend runs the VPN through his dedi at ATT

is this the almighty npc_thinknow exploit

Oh god skiddies.

Then he had a Dedicated server now :wink:
Edit: Fail Script Kiddy.
Edit: It’s not aluigis shit thing. What could that be :3

Why would you crash servers for fun? These server owners work hard and pay lots of bills to keep these servers online, and you guys are destroying their hard work! People cannot join the servers anymore, so you’re basically executing a DOS attack, which is illegal. I hope you guys know what you’re doing.

It’s just another moron that thinks crashing servers makes him cool

Lol at Mr. Crazy Ivan and his DU friends.