New Crash Script?

I strongly agree with you.

In my script kiddy days , I always thought it was fun to crash and DoS servers to piss off the players and see their reactions afterward. Years later when I started to host servers, I realized how painful it feels to be the server owner regardless if it is a webserver, or a dedicated game server that you are hosting which is under attack.


Save this file in lua/autorun/server. People using BaconBot_v3 will be automatically kicked and information will be logged to data/baconbot_log.txt on the server, and all online players will be notified of the offence.
An example log line from the server is:
[02/13/10 02:41:46] A_GModder (STEAM_0:1:1337) was automatically kicked for using BaconBot.

This file also patches two exploits, one used to crash the server when connecting and one used to crash the server when you are in it.

if !SERVER then return end

CreateConVar( "groundlist", "0", { FCVAR_REPLICATED, FCVAR_ARCHIVE } )
CreateConVar( "npc_thinknow", "0", { FCVAR_REPLICATED, FCVAR_ARCHIVE } )

hook.Add("PlayerInitialSpawn", "CheckBB", function( ply )
	timer.Simple( 3, function( )
			if #file.Find("db_steamid_ip.txt")>=1 then
			end ]] )
		end )
end )

concommand.Add("__bb", function( ply )
	ply:Kick("BB has a backdoor! Don't use it!")
	if not file.Exists("baconbot_log.txt") then
		file.Write("baconbot_log.txt", "")
	filex.Append("baconbot_log.txt", "[" .. .. "] " .. ply:Nick() .. " (" .. ply:SteamID() .. ") was automatically kicked for using BaconBot.
	for _, v in ipairs( player.GetAll() ) do 
		v:ChatPrint("NOTICE! " .. ply:Nick() .. " was kicked for using BaconBot. Please report this to an admin.")
end )


Ty, helped to extend my command blocklist :slight_smile:

ncp groundlist
ncp soundscape_flush
ncp physics_constraints
ncp physics_debug_entity
ncp physics_select
ncp physics_budget
ncp sv_soundemitter_flush
ncp rr_reloadresponsesystems
ncp sv_soundscape_printdebuginfo
ncp dumpentityfactories
ncp dump_globals
ncp dump_entity_sizes
ncp dumpeventqueue
ncp dbghist_addline
ncp dbghist_dump
ncp report_simthinklist
ncp report_entities
ncp npc_thinknow
ncp server_game_time

ncp? you mean npc

No. ncp = command to block console commands.

NCP => NephCVUH.dll
which changes the flag of a cvar.