New CSGO Map Workshop legal conditions

As you may know MapWorkshop is now available in CSGO. It really eases the distribution of maps, but also it grants Valve some rights over your work.

I’ve just read the legal conditions and seem rather abusive. They grant themselves rights not just for CSGO and workshop distribution but anything else they’d please, even commercially, different game or not game related. It states it is royalty free and for the eternity, though there might be a payment if your items are sold separately though (I guess hats, not maps).

I’m not familiarized with USA law, but in my country that would be null and void.

You are using their service, on their game, using their programs and uploaded onto their servers all for free. I think that sounds fine.

I think it’s just to cover their ass. If it was EA I would be worried, but not really when it comes to Valve.

They benefit from our maps, their custom textures and models. They can grab them, use them in hl5, make shirts and glasses of it, sell them and give you nothing. Those are their legal conditions.


I am sure, but by agreeing on that you may loose legal actions against a possible unwanted use of your work. It looks more an unrealistic grant of rights to give them advantage in case anything goes wrong.

If a problem arises we’ll have to say “I trusted they’d do differently than they agreed in the contract”? really?

He kind of has a point, vaguely. We can be pretty sure that Valve won’t make shirts and glasses out of our maps, but we’re not completely sure that they won’t. If they do (for whatever reason), all we can say in that event is that we trusted they wouldn’t act on the terms we agreed to in the contract. That doesn’t mean we should reform the agreement completely. It’s just an observation.

I know it’s dumb but if you think legal it’s all that you can do: don’t upload on the workshop.

I wouldn’t complain because I uploaded my stuff knowing very well what -could- happen, but you seem to forget that reputation is something that can do terrible damage, and unethical practices especially in the world of gaming can fly back in your face at light speed.

As the contract doesn’t reflect what it is expected by the user when submitting a map to the workshop (just host) I though it would be good to spread and discuss with anyone uploading content (and who usually don’t read legal agreements).

I’ll upload maps as you anthracite, as I know there is nothing to do and I’m not doing it for money nor is my job, but it is abusive anyway.

It isn’t like Valve is making cash off advertisements like other map hosting sites and I think we can all safely assume that if they wanted to make money off a map they would include the author(s) in on it like they have for TF2.

Personally I rather deal with Valve then a site like Gamebanana.

Agreed. I highly doubt Valve would do something like that.

Well hey, look at the past workshops, such as TF2, the creator’s items are pretty much owned by valve, but they get a little cut from it. and the custom TF2 maps that become official, valve lets you buy stamps that is essentially a donation to the creators.

I didn’t know about that stamps. What are they for? never heard of them before :S

EDIT: I guess it could be one of those incentives Gabe talked about in the last youtube video conference?