New Custom Garry's Mod Steam Grid icon

Hey guys! Hope everyone’s having a good day wherever you are in the world!

Recently I found myself feeling pretty disappointed with how the default Steam Grid icon for Garry’s Mod just shows characters from TF2 having a fight spanning two trucks. While it is pretty funny and is iconic of how Garry’s Mod turned into a machinima tool (primarily for TF2, although you might feel otherwise) I felt it didn’t really represent what Gmod is about as a whole.

So I took it upon myself to throw together a new one using a cool little wallpaper I found online, the Garry’s Mod logo and Adobe Photoshop. Feel free to try it out and see if you like it more than the default one! :slight_smile:

wish it was bigger :wink: but then that can be said about a lot of things

Looks good though

Haha cheers man, I would’ve made it bigger but that’s the maximum size for Steam Grid images (as far as I’m aware) so I didn’t see the point :stuck_out_tongue:

when i first saw the title of your post i thought it was meant to be a garrysmod main menu background XD so was a bit disappointed :stuck_out_tongue:

Otherwise very cool

I’m pretty sure some guy stealing someone else’s wallpaper and adding a logo to it without permission isn’t going to get added to the game files.

That’s also the header that FPSBanana uses.

Did I at any point say that I wanted it to be added to the game files? No, this is a CUSTOM STEAM GRID ICON, the idea being that you can save this and use it as the grid icon if you so please.

Also your point about me “stealing” the wallpaper “without permission” is completely frivolous as I am distributing this edited version of the wallpaper creator’s work free of charge with no form of monetisation linked in with it, causing the use of this to fall under ‘fair use’ and not ‘copyright infringement’.

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No it’s not. It’s the Garry’s Mod logo with “arry’s Mod” having being written on myself in Photoshop.

I’m more than happy to send you the .psd file to prove this.