New Custom Server Project - FPRTS Deathmatch

Hi all.

I’m currently working on making a custom server dedicated to what I call FPRTS (First-Person Real Time Strategy). It would be HL2 based, and contain 2 factions - Combine and Resistance. Each faction has it’s HQ, and there are 6 Control Points on the map as well. Whoever has the most control points at the end of the round wins.

There would be 4 basic roles - Commander, Engineer, Commando, and Soldier.

–> Commander: (Sets points of intrest; Can spawn all units; Large Cash boost; Able to launch superweapon*) The Commander’s role is to set “points of intrest” on areas of the map, where that faction’s Soldiers will attack. The Commander can also use that faction’s superweapon* wherever they deem it necessary. [NO RESPAWN-ONLY 1 PER FACTION]

–> Engineer: (Can spawn all structures; Medium Cash boost; Can spawn vehicles; Can capture Control Points) The Engineer’s job is to capture and defend the Control Points from the enemy, using spawnable defensive structures (IE auto-turrets, walls, towers, SAM Sites, etc), and giving Soldiers the means to combat their enemy, with vehicles. [NORMAL RESPAWN-ONLY 2-5 PER FACTION]

–> Commando: (Can spawn all units; Medium Cash boost) The Commando’s job is to go behind the main line and assassinate the enemy Commander. Can spawn units within the Commando’s immediate vicinity. [SLOW RESPAWN-ONLY 2 PER FACTION]

–> Soldier: (Can’t spawn anything; Low Cash boost) The Soldier is the main line, grunt infantryman. Must obey the Commander’s orders, and attack the enemy factions. [NORMAL RESPAWN-AS MANY AS NEEDED]

{Superweapons being the following: Combine = Fusion Bomb | Resistance = Nuke}

EDIT: Okay, I have a mapping team together, someone to do the GUI Interface, and someone to make the duplications. HOWEVER, I need coders badly. Please respond below if you are interested, and include your Steam ID so I can contact you. Thanks.

The team so far:

  • MEH = Project Leader
  • samwilki = GUI Editor/Mapper
  • Shizukani Okami = Coder/Mapper
  • Talmera Furquado = Mapper

The TO-DO List:

  • Maps (WORKING)
  • Gamemode (WAITING ON CODERS)
  • Duplications (WORKING)

um a game mode incorporating duplications into the actual game mode?

Well then what would YOU suggest? We make and code entirely new entities for use in the gamemode?



Well, the problem with that is quite simple - we don’t have but 1 coder, and his job is only the GUI. Production doesn’t start until March 20th, so if any of you would like to help with this, it’d be very appreciated. Please visit for more information and the form to submit for processing.

We really need the help, otherwise this project will never work.

That’s kind of implied.

I will admit, for a small crew, going with dupes seemed like a good idea. But there’s issues with it.

Yeah, that was the origional plan. What issues are there with it, though?

Also, BUMP.

Lag, they might not dupe the same way every time, you’ll have to create a spawn system for them, etc.

Alright, I see how that could be a problem. Well, I have no idea how to use Lua, but since we have no other coders, I guess I have to learn.

If anybody else would like to help, I would REALLY appreciate it. Seriously, I only have the Lua tuts on the Gmod Wiki to go by here…

Sorry, but BUMP. Can’t let this one die.

In the 6 days since you bumped this thread you could have gotten well into learning Lua.