New DarkRP Server, Always SVN Updated, Always open for ideas, Mature Admins, No minging.

Hi, I made a new DarkRP server that is hopefully going to not be using all the DarkRP traits, but it will be editted to the extent that it shouldn’t be too much considered full on mingefest/rdm/guns. Money is fairly hard to obtain on this server and guns are very expensive. I’m going to add invetory and make it somewhat like perp where you can grow drugs, and use recepies to make things. I’m just hoping to get some people onto this server.

So far the server is super-stable and hasn’t crashed. Its being hosted by a reletivly good computer with 3gb of ram and a decently good upload speed of 5.5 megabits/sec.

I’m also trying to add my own lua scripts onto here and if anyone wants to help me program that would be great.

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