NEW DarkRP Server - Everything Dark Roleplay Gaming - RDM IS Allowed

I would like to announce my new dark rp server I have created! “Everything Dark Roleplay Gaming” It’s still in development, but is suitable to be played right this moment! It aims to bring back the feel of the classic dark rp days of 2008-2011 with a few new addons to make the perfect balance.
IP Address:

TDM Cars
GTA Character Models (On Some Jobs)

Gameplay Mechanics:
RDMing is allowed! Only not allowed when other players are building base.
Plenty of tools free of use without having to donate and/or not locked from regular users.

I am looking for staff who can help me around the server. I’ve already got a few friends of mine helping but can use a few more!

no thanks

Old good times :cowboy_hat_face: