New DarkRP Server Help

I am no stranger to servers. I have 2 TF2 servers and we have a great community of people and everything about it is straight up. Sourcemod is straight forward and easy to use and adding mods/plugins/etc is fairly simple. Now I just bought a Gmod server a few days ago and never in my wildest dreams could I have known how difficult it is to get some concrete information on installing everything that I need to get the server working. I am aware the gmod 13 really messes a lot of things up but it has been 4 months since official release and many months in beta. I have DarkRP installed on the server but it is just bare bones right now. There are no bells and whistles installed and I want to change that. If someone could point me into the right direction on this that would be great! I have spent days surfing the internet trying to get a grip on managing a darkrp server in 2013. Everything I come across is a year or more old basically. Is there some kind of download pack that comes with extra weapons, extra jobs, and other useful things for a darkrp server? I am looking for some dedicated people for Admin rights in my server to help me get this off of the ground or at least steer me in the right direction. I would appreciate and help, useful links, or pointers. Thanks a lot!

Use the workshop, then extract the .gma’s using gmad extractor. Inside the folders after that, it will have an info.txt inside, rename it to addon.txt.
I’d suggest using these addons…

One does not simply create a DarkRP server,
without the knowledge of adding custom jobs, entities or weapons!

You have spent days looking for how to manage a DarkRP server and found about nothing?
Then you didnt do a very good job.

What an unhelpful reply sir. Little FYI, that wiki really doesnt tell me much. I know where to put custom jobs in the shared.lua and have done so. I am more looking for info on how to get a premade content pack into the game that adds vehicles and other custom things into the game. I am looking for people that can steer me in the right direction on creating a system for the server that has a good RP flow. I download addons in my client through workshop and place the workshop # in the workshop.vdf on my server and it is not downloading these addons for me. The server is currently on rp_evocity_v33x and I have downloaded a huge addon pack that is supposed to add 50 vehicles and another that is supposed to add cs weapons. I placed these files in the addons folder on the server and on my client and there is no added vehicles or Counter Strike weapons. Do i need to add these downloaded models into a .lua file or something? Should they be showing up by themselves?

If you dont find anything helpful in one of those, then your on your own.