New DarkRP Server Issues

Hi I recently (yesterday) started a 32 slot server and it is running DarkRP. I am currently having several issues with the jobs and such. I cannot see my current job, when I try to switch my job it just says in chat /cook or whatever job I am trying to become, sometimes the F4 doesn’t show up at all and the models are messed up. Any help is appreciated.

the problem is that its DarkRP.

Thanks for all your help.

Hi juicehead dont listen to areolop DarkRp is realy great so here the most i can do for you… :

Models: for the models check that the textures are in the good folder and whit the good name.

F4 menu: it happens to me the first time i try do jobs ^^ dont worry you might just have make a little mistake when you did you job. And that make the menu to crash… so review you jobs and check for any mistakes or symbole missing.

Job commands: for this one i need to see one of your job to be sure but here is an example:

TEAM_SWAT = AddExtraTeam(“S.W.A.T”, Color(0,0,153,255), “models/player/barney.mdl”, [[Raid And Protect From Terrorists
]], {“weapon_deagle2”, “weapon_mp52”, “weapon_pumpshotgun2”}, “swat”, 3, 300, 0, true, true, {TEAM_POLICE})

Where it said “swat” that should be the command you will use in the chat box make sure you didn’t put eny / or it wont work.

If you need eny more help add me on steam:

Ill be a pleasure to help you

p.s my server is:

(im sorry for my english i am french)

Nail on the head right here!

Is this the SVN version or the one you downloaded off

Did you add any custom jobs? Also, does your server have CS:S installed?

It has been fixed for a few days. I just restarted the server and it worked for whatever reason.

Oh good.

oh i had the same problem but i knew what was wrong. um i think it was cause typed some stuff wrong in the custom jobs section. if you has svn it will be simple to get it working. also im glad u got it working im just posting for people that have same issue

Owner77 is a dumbass.

It’s called error safety coding. If it can’t find the model it defaults to the Hl2 Default player.mdl.