New DarkRP server! [Looking for staff]

Hi there I made a new DarkRP server and I’m ready for players to join! You are welcome to play here and maybe earn your self a place in staff.

Or just look up Jive DarkRP

Please reply if you have trouble connecting.

(User was banned for this post ("Server advertising" - Orkel))

:suicide: That’s nothing to be proud of

Well isnt this forum friendly.

DarkRP is worst roleplay, nuff said.

What LedZepp is trying to say is that we get hundreds of threads exactly the same as yours, each one advertising a vanilla install of DarkRP which brings nothing new to the table. We don’t even know what your server is about not even the name of the map, all you’ve said is that its DarkRP. A better starting point would be taking the time to write some information out and make it look good.

3 minutes on this server and this happens. :v:
Yep, just like every other DarkRP! You should give out something unique, maybe reward people who randomly kill?

DarkRP isn’t by itself a bad RP gamemode. It’s the players who make it bad. If you make DarkRP server, you need some admins. And make sure you pick some damn good admins, because admins can make more damage than normal player.

But 90% of the people that play on DarkRP just want to kill people and treat it as a regular MMORPG (in other words; no roleplay).
Ban people for not RPing at all times = no players
Don’t = no RP

DarkRP is just generally not a very good gamemode for those who want serious RP, for those such as myself, however, who just want a quick and casual gamemode that they can hop into at any time, on any server, and have fun for a bit it’s perfect.

Welcome to Facepunch! Piss off and come up with something original. I’m absolutely fucking sick of all of these DarkRP servers appearing. What is the difference between them aside from the weapon pack they use?! I don’t even see anyone fucking bother changing it’s shitty-ass GWEN skin! What makes this server better than others? Why join this server when there are 128 player servers to RDM on? What makes this a fun experience? Your OP isn’t descriptive enough, and your choice of gamemode is just horrible in general. Have a nice day.

So I just joined the server, and lets take a look at what I see.

Pretty standard, a completely irrelevant picture on a page that doesn’t scale at all. But what is this:

You are using a blocked character in a free version of a licensed font. Do you know how ugly and unprofessional that looks?

conclusion, you’re an idiot.

I only came to this thread in the hopes it was something other than a stupid advertisement

I came, I lol’d, I left.

I don’t think looking for staff from facepunch is as good as having your friends be your staff.

Just report and move on, server advertising is against the rules anyways.