New DarkRP Server up, [24/7] RiseRP SemiSerious DarkRP Server!

Hi all,
New server in town!
Name: [24/7] RiseRP SemiSerious DarkRP Server!
Game: DarkRP

About the server:
I currently have this server up as a test-run for this first month and a half.
If the server becomes a hit, I will leave it up for a long while!
We are a semi-serious rp community that like to have no-so-strict fun, with very leaniant admins and rules.
I am currently building the website and working on updates for the server.

I will edit this post over the next couple of days with a progressive bio about us, website, and more.
Thanks for viewing!


serious and darkrp don’t go together.

So what’s so good about this server compared to the others, if you want it to become a hit. Keep your promises and create some exclusive custom content to make your server stand out.