New DarkRP Server

Hello = ],

I Just Made a New DarkRP Server and i was wondering if you lot would like to try it out.


Mods.Phx3,Wiremod, PCMOD
Custom Classes. Yersh
Seriousness. Semi
Want Admin? costs 2.99 a Month

Want Any More Info Add seven_azie to steam or contact me on

There are hundreds of DarkRP servers out there, I used to run one for 6 months.
What makes yours so different?
People will get bored and it will be empty forever if you don’t bring something cool.

Sorry if it’s not what you want to hear. Just helping you in the long run from personal experience.

Selling admin is bad.
Wrong section, no information.

I have to agree on the selling admin is bad.

You get 10 year old children, who have just got a first experience of rp, get their parents to buy them admin, they seem ok to start with. As soon as you turn your back (Exit the server) boom, abuse, deathmatch, noclip, you name it.
Meriting admin is the best way, people earn it then. For those who don’t like rp that much but go on their, it gives them something to be there for.

Too few slots, you do not need wire, its a RP server, not a “lets build giant robots that spawn-kill people” server.

Also, “semi-serious and lite” servers are a deathmatch server with “RP” in its name.

Selling admin is VERY, VERY bad. Any 8 year old could buy admin and abuse his powers to amazing extents.

rp never has too few slots,

Best of luck with hosting it :).
I agree, selling admin isn’t a good starting point :P.

I agree. Too many slots is common, but too few is rare. I’d be happier RPing with 6 other people that were good roleplayers than 50 people who were either terrible roleplayers or never went outside.

First of all, that advertising doesn’t even look appealing to me.
And selling admin wont get you anywhere.
If you server does happen to get a fair amount of players, most admins will just abuse admin when nobody is watching.
I’m pretty sure your server wont attract decent roleplayers.

I find roleplay with 7 people is plenty, especially on my server when most people are passiveing in a bunker.

server would be better without the addons (PHX, Wire, PCmod)


oh wow, all that loading, and all i got was SERVER USES DIFFERENT CLASS TABLES

shit server

So they didn’t update and that makes them a shit server?

Well, i just opened a server a few days ago, i have around 20 players every day (32 slots) and there’s custom shit and lite rp, almost like every other server right? The thing that people like is the managing of the server, admins, community, maybe the cost and printer amount? And yes, selling admin is bad, more like… you should sell respected status. Respected should get access to a new job or something.