New DarkRP Server.

NEW [DuckJump] Community

IP address:
Slots: 30
Other Information: Custom Classes, PHX3, WireMod, Tool Gun and RP_Downtown_v2 24/7.

Want to donate? 1.50/m for respected
3.50/m for admin

Want to join the community? add seven_azie to steam :slight_smile:

Happy Gaming <3

+1 For this server
Good admins and add-ons on it.

Fallen = Linxs’s alternative account. phail

Plus who says good admins when you can possibly buy admin for 3.5 yen

Haha. Good thing he didnt post the currency :wink:

Another minge heaven by the looks of this advertisement.

No, you can’t have good admins if your selling it.

We should have a “RP Server” section, so ugly servers like this can just be thrown there and people can troll them how much they want. Let’s keep server advertisement for GOOD adverts.

I would soo love this. So whenever I go into the Server Advertisement, I don’t see crappy darkrp edits.

^^ lulz

You need FastDL at your server, it takes too long to download, long enough to drive me away.

I hate server advertisements like these. Barely any info. Has “<3” in it. Selling Admin. And if you buy Respected, you get respected? Respected you get buy getting respect, not buying it.

The underlined is where you are going wrong. You can’t just trust everyone who buys their way into admin.

Holy shit, I know OP from another community.
He’s 13.

I went to his profile, and it said he was 18. I mean seriously? His First Post sucks, he needs some pics, using text emotions, wire, phx, buying admin. Just terrible.

Community’s where you buy admin can’t ever be good.
Maybe you should get a SMF forum, or vBulletrin forum.

Or… Just dont get a forum and use some other form of communication which is more practical for a small DarkRP server.

Or that.

Like we need another one of these, too many addons in it, you can buy admin, and it’s DarkRP.