We opened 2 new servers: Darkrp(edited obviously) and Trouble in Terrorist town!

The first people to join will get VIP access and more!

DAKRP Server features:


  • Hit Man

  • S.W.A.T

  • Black Markerter

  • Thief

  • Banker

  • And more (20+ reasonable classes)

The server Also has a bank system (atm) with Interest!

Please visit them! we need people!

Darkrp Server:

TTT Server:

Just out of curiosity: do Hit Man and SWAT spawn with weapons by default?

the hitman only has a knife, we dont do overpowered crap. And you must be in the CP to be S.W.A.T

If its the default knife, they are 1-2 hit kills. Not overpowered at all.

just another darkrp server >.>

It takes like 3-4 hits to make a kill, you will notice when you’re under attack and you have fists to defend youself. And they are powerful, they are the combo fists

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Every darkrp server has its own content, just try it out