New DE/EU Server - RussiaIP Ban - Wiped 20.06.2014-20:00 - NoLags - Airdrop - 5 active & friendly Admins - 20ppl Playerbase

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Hey, really cool Server.
Friendly players, admins and much loot.

If anyone ever considered playing on a good server - THIS IS THE PLACE You should START!

Thumps Up!!

Thanks for your kind recommendation Xenor.

Im happy that you play on our server and support us!


This is a great server!
The admins are great and very active(no admin abuse)
the players are very helpful (good community!) :smiley: and there is lots of action/pvp.
Everyone should come and check this server out! :3


how much you have lost my respect. I’m sad that you didn’t even tell us, Nathi, just running off to a different server.
Thanks for your discieveful support. You disappointed me.

sorry gachl… at first your server was very nice :3 , but with the time every idiot have got be an mod on your server and thats not funny anymore…
and i don’t running away from your server, i just found an better server with an better community :c (dont want to say names :c sorry for my bad english xD )

I’m sad that this is your understanding of the things. You didn’t even care to take the time and talk to us why Salat became a mod, if that’s what annoys you. We are 4 mods and you are 5, I can’t see how you can say that every idiot can be a mod on our server.
I’m okay if you want to be on a different server but the least you could have done is tell us.

edit: also I can understand that a certain someone can be very oppressing with his opinions and sheeple like to follow without wanting to hear the truth or even an opinion. but it’s too late now anyways. good luck with your own server.

its ok gachl…
if you think you should write your whole problems on this page, just because your server isn’t visited as good as before the wipe, then do it…
Its not without a reason that i changed the server :wink: and you know what … —> ! I love THIS server now , its the perfect rust server for new and old rust players ,there is action ,are nice people and NICE admins its just for everyone who play rust with fun :3 (sorry for my bad english …agaaain… xD)

Hey, i dont want to complain about servers, we got our own one, have a good time Gachl!

Bump it

The Server gets more and more Population, greatly how this worked out for us.

The server works now on regular basis, the rust update works fine!

LOL i thougt you were a friend packjack…
A 2Day bann without an reason and prove??
The badliest server i have ever seen…
you bann people because they raid on an pvp server… very nice.
you only would like much as far as posible player on this server and if one does raid you bann him.

Yeah im sorry for you, you got 3 warnings by the admin team, if you still cant listen to us, it´s your fault. We wanted to let the server grow some time, so that raiding makes more sense than raiding 2x2 houses.

By the way, you didn´t get perma banned, just 2 for days for not listening to our announcement.

For all of you who read this: You are welcome on our server everytime, but listening to the admin team is the first rule!

The next few days the server will get AD´s on a regular Basis, also aggressive Raiding will be allowed.

24 hour´s and we unban you :wink:

Some additional Infos:

Server relaunched 22.06.2014

at this point, we made a good playerbase, but images says more then any words.

This playerbase is stable. We made Airdrops to be rare and interesting no over Airdrop.
we place the Airdrops at the Maintime, so the most of the players can try to get them and fight for them.

So give us a Try and make your own decision.


5 Minutes ago, we had the highest peak of the server History. 65 /75 Players :wink:

That’s so amazing.

Since our relaunch our playerbase is now about over 45 Players. The best of all, no russians :slight_smile:

Many Groups on the Server, its fun to get around with an Group and find some nice buildings.

but stay tuned, and try it on your own.