*NEW* [DE]Rustafari Strassenstrich |Sleepers|PVP|Events|Oxide Plugins|Anti Cheat|Active Admins

***Dear Rust-Community,

We would like to introduce our new Rust Server project, with the goal of offering you a hack, racist, and exploiter free gameplay experience.
We provide an enjoyable and fun environment for everyone without admin abuse.


Name:****[DE]Rustafari Strassenstrich |Sleepers|PVP|Events|Oxide Plugins|Anti Cheat|Active Admins**


Location: Germany

Last wipe: 24.01.2014

Language: English and German

Slots: 100


Door Share: On


Groups: On

Active Players

Friendly Community

Admin: Active**


***Be fair, dont let Newbie’s bother you, maybe help them.
Use the following commands! /help
Have fun & Good Luck!

If you cant find your Server in the browser, do the following steps
Go ingame and press F1 - this should open the console.

Now type net.connect | in it. Now you should connect on the server.

Best regreds,


New Steam Group: