New! [DE/US]World-of-Rust|No Wipes,Active Admins,Survive, PvP,No Durability,RareC4|

Hallo liebe Community, wir sind ein neuer Server und würden uns sehr freuen wenn ihr uns Unterstützt unseren kleinen Server groß werden zu lassen :wink: Alle Informationen stehen unten.

Hello best Community, we are a new server and we are happinessd when you Join us, help us to get the small Server bigger :wink: All informations in discription.

Welcome to World-of-Rust !

Wipe 01.03 and no Wipes again.

This is a Server with very Active Admins, nice events and lots of fun, Survival and PvP.

Admins: We are only use Admin power to ivestigate abuse/hacking. Killing, raiding, looting, of admins is completely allowed and encouraged.

But you need to survive.


Join us : Launch Rust and hit F1,
in console menu, write or copy :


  • [DE/US] based server.
  • PVP server
  • Stable and NO lag Server (100 slots Server).
  • Server is saved every 10 minutes.
  • Hackers will be banned immediately.
  • Events
  • No Wipes
  • No Item Durability

Server Mechanics:
● PvP and No Sleepers
● Starter kit with Hatchet, Chicken Breath, Cloth Pants, Helmet, Vest, Boots.
● Active admins
● Starter Kit
● Half Craft
● Door Sharing
● Airdrops +5
● Remove
● Rare C4

Server Hardware:

  • Perfect Hardware:
    ● We use the newest hardware to provide you the best gaming performance.
  • Perfect Bandwith
    ● All of our servers are hosted in Frankfurt am Main equipped with 1Gbit for each Server

Chat Features:
● Chat History with last 20 messages
● Player List
● Help
● Location

Have fun at our Server and vote for us to support us :wink:

(User was permabanned for this post ("spammer alt" - postal))