New Dedicated Server Version 1414 - but we need 1394.

Hello !

I want to start my own dedicated Server on a Windows 2008 Root Server.

I download the Server Files @ SteamCMD.

When i start the Server “Release” its the 1414 Version.

But i want to play the 1394 Version.

What can i do ?

In 1414 its very buggy (trees etc with texture problems)

I’ve been trying to setup a server this weekend and noticed that too. I had 20 people on my server and wondered why it was so popular. Then I realized it was only one of 4 servers running the “experimental” of Rust Reboot.

To get 1394… use the default (public) branch by running steamcmd with this:
app_update 258550 validate
instead of:
app_update 258550 -beta experimental validate

Yea, about 1400 and on crash with -batchmode.

Edit: Removing -beta experimental from steamcmd did not fix the issue with -batchmode crashing. Seems even with Validate it doesn’t revert the beta. I had to delete almost everything for it to give me a functioning version.

Correct, I noticed the same thing.