New Derma Designer?

Hey guy, I Have alot of experience with c# and have been learning glua for about a week now. The most painstaking thing I have done is write derma windows as there are so fiddly and require so much testing. Would you guys like it if I made a “derma designer” That functions properly. Now i know alot of people say write your own but if I made it work correctly, I Dont see any difference in why you should? Anyway opinions?

Also list any features you would want that i would probably not think of?

Go ahead. No one is stopping you.

I Know. But there is no point in wasting my time unless people actually want it.


The old derma builder was good, But lacked features and was never finished with loads of components missing, no layering, no parenting etc so I will be sure to include all of these

Many people, including me, suck at making advanced derma/vgui panels. So yes, your tool will not be useless :wink:

Just to inform you I have started development :slight_smile:

Allow for importing of custom panels.

VGUI is really easy it’s actually the easiest thing to do in glua. Though you need a good taste which many of us don’t have :/.

Add ability to play any animations like :MoveTo() and such.

Might as well just make the designer open within GMod.

I’m sure people will use it once it’s released (Please don’t tell me your gonna try selling this on SF?)

I will use it, put alot of good effort into it, and it will be popular.