New Devblog Today?

Will there be a new Devblog today? And if there will what news do you think Garry will have for us?

Probably a rehash of the stuff that’s on their trello page, optomistically speaking possibly an ETA on more features being implemented on the experimental branch.

Patience - You have none.

I think he will post it in some hours. Have patience my friend. We have to give the devs their time.

Patience*. True that. It was a forum for your opinions though I am not DEMANDING answers.

Yeah, gotta agree w/ Pieeer on this one, I think he was just asking for predictions, not really demanding anything of the devs.

indeed, same here, i was very excited to see the updates log but its not up and in my country its already 19:28 feels like something is wrong lol. i know don’t be hasty but yeah, very excited on whats new :stuck_out_tongue:

not holding my breath at all.

Mmmkay cool.

There’s been a dev blog every Friday since he started doing them, there’s no reason to assume that there won’t be one today.

I heard that every time someone posts a thread on Friday asking if there’s going to be a Friday Devblog or asking where the devblog is, garry delays Rust by a month.

He was actually saying you don’t have any patients so you have nothing to occupy your time to make it go faster and he feels bad. I think he was recommending you go down to the free clinic and help heal some sickies for charity.

Garry is just having a poo.

tenk yu fort beign bery infornnativ m9

Tell him we said, “good luck in there.”

Poo first, publish second. This is why garry is a professional, folks. He knows how it do.

Oh I hope this is a new feature of the game! Nothing beats a good poo before a raid.

Or right after… in the house you just raided…

A little gift to house owner :pwn:

Longest poo ever.